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Why do my drains keep getting blocked?

Are blocked drains the bane of your life? In the modern age, we rely on running water to get on with our lives with no interruption or delay – so it can really put the brakes on your day when they don’t perform how they should. It’s all the more frustrating when you’re not even sure why they’re getting blocked either.

To help you solve the mystery, we’ll take you through some common reasons why your drains keep getting blocked and suggest some ways of getting to the bottom of it once and for all.

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5 reasons why drains keep getting blocked

  • Pouring fats down drains: Greasy cooking equipment may seem harmless when you’re doing the washing up, but these fats can accumulate over time and cause blockages and fatbergs. Not only can this result in issues with your personal drains, but it can also cause major problems on main sewer levels as well. To prevent the buildup of fats, instead make sure to give your cooking equipment a wipe with a cloth before you wash up or pop it in the dishwasher in order to get rid of the worst of it.
  • Ground coffee: Did you know that while instant coffee is easy to dissolve, ground coffee can get caught in the nooks and crannies of pipework, exacerbating existing blockages? Sidestep this problem by putting coffee grounds in the compost or bin rather than washing them down the sink.
  • Hair: This one is a bit grim and largely unavoidable – when showering, our hair will invariably end up in our drains and often accumulate around plug holes. Adding soap into the mix can worsen the blockage, too. To combat this issue, take time to remove hair from the plug hole each time you shower.
  • Leaves and roots: Outdoor drains can be overwhelmed by leaves and debris if left unaddressed. The growth of tree roots can also interfere with free-flowing drains, so check your outside drains and regularly clear them out.
  • Flushing hygiene items down the toilet: Nappies, cotton buds, baby wipes and tampons are all flushed down the toilet more regularly than they should be. These items, whether advertised as flushable or not, can result in major backups and blockages that can cause havoc to your drains. Purchase a bathroom bin for these items to go into instead.

So, how do I fix it?

If you’re still stumped, there’s an easy way to find out exactly what the problem is and where it’s located. Our drainage professionals here at MPH Drain Services can conduct a CCTV drainage survey by feeding a state-of-the-art camera deep into your drains. The footage gathered from this operation will accurately diagnose the problem, pinpoint its location and enable us to implement a solution to get to the root of the problem.

MPH Drain Services are Yorkshire’s go-to drain experts. Whether it’s a simple blockage at home, or a major drain failure at a commercial site, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to our fast, responsive service with no call-out fee, you can enjoy a quick and affordable service every time. Simply get in touch today to get your drainage problem solved.

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Published: 15 January 2022 Category: Drain Unblocking

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