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When Is Drain Jetting Needed and Why Is It Used?

Given how frequently your drainage system is in use, it’s to be expected that it will accumulate debris that causes blockages. Most of us will have experienced the frustration of a blocked drain at some point – usually at the most inconvenient of times – and if left ignored, this can lead to serious and costly plumbing problems in the future.

That’s where drain jetting can help, providing a quick and efficient way to shift any obstructions in your drains. But what is drain jetting? And why is it used? The team here at MPH Drain Services is here to answer all your questions with this handy guide.

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What is drain jetting?

Drain jetting uses a long jetting hose that pumps water at a high pressure. When directed into a drain, this can dislodge even the most stubborn blockages to leave you with a clear drain once more. It’s also a great way to remove any residual debris sticking to the walls of your drain that might cause a clog in the future.

How does drain jetting work?

Firstly, this specialised hose will be inserted into your drain. As it’s so long and flexible, it can easily navigate any awkward bends to reach even the deepest clogs. The jetting hose will also be fitted with a nozzle that ensures the water is sprayed at the most effective angle; there are a range of different nozzles suitable for different types of blockages and pipe sizes. The drain jetting machine then pumps the water to a high pressure – usually between 3000 and 8000 PSI – and this powerful jet is then sprayed down the drain.

It’s important to get an experienced drainage expert, like the team at MPH Drain Services, to carry out your drain jetting.

Why do you need drain jetting?

So, why do you need drain jetting? Surely it’s easier to use a drain snake or chemical drain cleaners to remove any blockages?

Drain jetting offers a number of unique benefits over other drain cleaning methods:

  • It’s environmentally friendly: Drain jetting only uses water with no other chemicals needed. This prevents harsh chemicals from polluting the wastewater system and harming the environment.

  • It’s fast: Drain jetting produces results almost instantly, so there’s no waiting around for the blockage to dissolve like there is with chemical drain cleaners.

  • It’s versatile: Even the most stubborn blockages are no match for a drain jetting machine – it can handle pretty much any clog. It’s also suitable for use in virtually any pipe, no matter the size.

  • It can prevent blockages in the future: While chemical drain cleaners and drain snakes offer a short-term fix, drain jetting can prevent drain blockages in the future by blasting away any debris, grease or scum lingering on the walls of your pipes.

  • It’s cost-effective: Although drain jetting may have a higher upfront than other drainage methods, it thoroughly cleans your pipes and gets rid of any minor debris buildups, reducing the need for any expensive repairs in the future.

How often should drains be jetted?

Drain jetting isn’t just limited to when your drains have a blockage; it’s a proactive approach that can prevent clogs from forming in the first place. It’s generally recommended to have your drains jetted at least once a year, but this can vary depending on the frequency of use, the age of your property and the type of waste most commonly disposed of down your drains.

If you need drain jetting in Yorkshire or beyond, the team at MPH Drain Services should be your first port of call. Whether you’re dealing with a blockage at home or at your business premises, our team has years of experience and will get the problem resolved in no time – get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

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Published: 8 July 2024 Category: Drain Jetting

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