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How to remove concrete from drains and pipes

Concrete drain blockages can mean bad news. Not only do they stop a project in its tracks, but hardened concrete can also cause damage to the drain itself.

If you act quickly and correctly, you can remove concrete from your drains without the need for extensive excavation or repair.

So let’s explore this a little more.

How does concrete get in drains?

There are a couple of ways concrete can end up in your drains.

The first way is gradual. For example, if you’re doing a garden or construction project where wet cement is being washed regularly into drains from tools, clothes and the ground, this can eventually build up within the drainage system to create hard blockages.

Other times it can happen suddenly. Workers may be drilling in the vicinity and accidentally hit a drain, leading to quick ingress of concrete into the pipe.

If these blockages get big enough, they are sometimes referred to as concrete bergs.

What are the dangers of concrete in drains?

Concrete blockages can harden and grow bigger as they accumulate. This can block water flow, lead to backups and potentially result in drain cracking or extensive damage.

If severe enough, concrete in drains can lead to sections of pipes requiring a complete replacement, which is why it’s important to address the problem as soon as you notice it.

How to remove concrete from drains

Don’t attempt to correct a concrete blockage yourself, in case you make the situation worse.

A professional drainage company will be required to remove concrete from drains. They have the equipment and expertise to perform a high-quality job that minimises the risk of damage. The techniques used will vary depending on the company you choose, but will usually involve high-pressure water to break apart and dislodge the blockage.

Here at MPH Drain Services, we use CCTV cameras to identify the location and severity of the concrete blockage. From this information, we can perform a more accurate removal with minimal disruption, meaning that you can save yourself thousands of pounds in excavation costs.

Our high-pressure hydroblasting equipment allows for pressurised jets of water to be precisely fired at the blockage. This targeted approach means that the surrounding pipe has a better chance of remaining intact.

Overall, hydroblasting is a precise, carefully controlled way to remove concrete blockages, while also minimising the risks.

Looking for fast, reliable concrete removal in Yorkshire? Here at MPH Drain Services, we provide a reactive 24/7 service to dislodge concrete from drains using our state-of-the-art hydroblasting technology. With free call-outs and no-obligation quotations, it’s easy to get in touch with us to book a concrete removal for your premises.

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Published: 22 March 2023 Category: Drain Jetting

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