Unblocking Your Home Drains

Yorkshire drain services company, MPH, sympathise with domestic customers who find they have the inconvenience of blocked drains – they know it always seems to occur at the most troublesome moments, but in fact, a blocked drain is never convenient.

With extensive experience in drainage services in and throughout Yorkshire, MPH are often called out to clear drains in York, Leeds and Wakefield. We can offer advice to homeowners suffering the annoyance of blocked drains, and suggest these few things you can do yourself before calling out our professional drain clearing team.

If your kitchen sink, bath, shower, or hand basin fail to drain, or even if they begin to drain more slowly than usual, inspect the plughole. You will probably find this is clogged with food particles in the case of the kitchen sink, or hair, in the bathroom. Clear this away, by removing, not by forcing it further down the drain, and test by running hot water down. We advise that this may be enough to solve the problem, and plugholes should always be kept clear to avoid future problems.

More severe blockages may require the use of a plunger. It is always a good idea to have one of these in the house, as a blocked drain will occur eventually. To use the plunger effectively, ensure a good seal, and strong suction, by running a little water into the sink first. Locate the plunger firmly over the plughole, and depress a few times, before removing it to allow the dirty water and debris to return back up the drain, and subsequently, hopefully, run away. If this seems to clear the problem, run a little hot water down to ensure the drain is now clear.

If you have manually cleared any obvious blockages, perhaps using a piece of wire, or a wire coat hanger, being careful not to scratch the basin or damage the piping, and you have tried the plunger, then you may be able to clean the drains by use of a commercial drain cleaning product, or alternatively a little baking soda. Put the product down the drain according to instructions, and leave for a while. Clean the drain afterwards with hot water.

The skilled York drains team at MPH advise that if none of these measures clears your drains, then you should call in the professionals before the problem becomes worse.

MPH offer a 24 hour emergency callout for drainage problems throughout the Yorkshire region, and assure domestic customers that blocked drains are quite common. Our skilled drain clearing technicians are well equipped with the technology and tools to clear your drains quickly and efficiently. For expert help with call us on 0800 0612 572.

MPH Drain Services

MPH Drain Services