Types of Drainage Equipment

The drainage industry is extremely specialised and that’s because it takes particular skill and understanding of some of the most innovative equipment to install, maintain and repair a series of drains and pipes.

At MPH, we ensure that our drain engineers are trained to the highest level in using a full range of modern equipment and that’s why we have gained an excellent reputation throughout the Yorkshire area for our drain repair services.

Our engineers have prepared this list of some of the equipment that we use for commercial and domestic drainage jobs:

Drain Equipment - Lateral Cutter

Lateral cutter

A lateral cutter is a common piece of drainage equipment that allows our engineers to cut away concrete or other similar materials. Due to its remote access self-drive design, the lateral cutter has variable speed controls, and of course a cutting head to remove durable materials from pipes. It is also fitted with a camera to allow our drain engineers to control the equipment accurately with a remote control.


Drain Equipment - Water JetHigh pressure water jetting machines

Water jetting equipment is used by drainage teams all over the Yorkshire area, as it is the most effective way to clear a blocked drain. At MPH, our water jetting machines are of high quality and reliable. They can clear drains up to 650mm in diameter and are extremely compact and practical to use. Their high pressure hose reels ensure that even the toughest items are removed.

Drain Equipment - Root Cutter


Root cutting machines

Root cutting machines are designed to clean drains that are between 6 and 20 inches in diameter. Like water jetting machines, root cutters are powered by water released at high pressures to cut away tree roots and other plant material that has damaged any pipework.


MPH is one of the leading drainage specialists based in Yorkshire. We help a range of domestic and commercial clients in the region with blocked drains, drainage installations and servicing. For more information please call our engineers on 0800 0612 572.

MPH Drain Services

MPH Drain Services