New homes could increase flood risk without ‘sustainable drainage systems’

A new report warns how new houses may in fact be increasing the risk of flooding in the York area.

In a bid to ease the housing crisis the government are rushing to build 1 million new homes to reach the rise in demand. This however will potentially overwhelm the already over-stretched drainage system.

Current drainage systems do not have enough restriction that would prevent a flooding crisis from happening in the near future. Planning laws make it too easy to connect new housing developments onto drainage systems aleady in use by a number of houses.

Such existing drainage systems are already working well above full capacity and the report warns putting further strain on them is a disaster waiting to happen.

Sustainable drainage system however can cope with household usage as well as heavy rainfall. Rainfall that runs off roofs, driveways and roads could all be drained through natural features like bogs and ponds provided there are sustainable drainage systems around.

Such sustainable drainage systems are very cost-effective and can be installed affordably and quickly in nearly every housing development in York.

The report comes from Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM).
a survey of 539 industry professionals concluded that 70% think that planning policies do not sufficiently encourage sustainable drainage systems. 65% thought that the governments non-statuary standards for sustainable option were not effective. And three quarters thought that local authorities did not have the in-house expertise needed to check and advise on sustainable options.

All of this raises concerns that the new developments could have detrimental effect in the local area and that it could all be preventable. In a rush to quickly and cheaply house the increased demand of residents, the government is seen to be cutting very important corners.

By not implementing sufficient safety checks they may be faced with a completely avoidable crisis.
Overwhelmed drains are the most common type of flooding in towns, costing nearly £260 million a year, aggravated by water rushing of roofs and pavements in stormy weather and down into drains that just cannot cope with the volume.

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