Drain Blockages – The Usual Culprits

MPH Drain Services offer a complete range of plumbing, bathroom and drainage services. We service the entire Yorkshire area, and have done since we were established over 15 years ago.

During our 15 years we have managed to build quite an enviable reputation based on the quality of our work and our high levels of customer service. This high level of customer service does not only take place when we are working though, we like to offer help and advice to everyone, whether they are customers or not.

One job we seem to get called out for more often than others around Yorkshire is drain blockages. There are many forms of drain blockage, from something small and simple in your household plumbing to a much larger issue further down in the drain. Thankfully, MPH has the tools and expertise to deal with any blocked drain situation in York, Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield and all surrounding areas.

Here are a few of the usual culprits we come across when remedying blocked drains.

FOGS – By far and away the most common culprit for blocking drains is fats, oils and greases, or FOGs. People tend to pour these down the sinks as they are usually liquid after cooking. But once they enter the cold drainage system the quickly solidify and create a blockage that is very difficult to move.

Coffee Rinds – Alone, coffee rinds aren’t much of an issue, in fact there is a bit of an old wives tale that they help clean your pipes by literally scraping them clean. However, once they are combined with FOGs they act almost like concrete.

Wet Wipes – Also known as Baby wipes, they claim to breakdown in water but in actuality rarely do. This leads to them clogging drains and also possibly interfering with any kind of pumping mechanism you may have.

The simple rule to follow when thinking about what to flush or drain away is ‘does it break down in water?’ If it does then you are okay to dispose of it down the drain, if not then it goes in the bin.

We offer a complete plumbing and drainage service in the Yorkshire area, this includes drain unblocking, bathroom and kitchen plumbing and larger scale commercial drain servicing. Call now on 0800 0612 572.

MPH Drain Services

MPH Drain Services